Teacher Instructions Week 20

Early Learning Foundations 2

Tiger Rock

This activity came from Svea J. Gold author of "If Kids Just Came with Instruction Sheets!"

Note: Do NOT occlude an eye during this activity.

1. Client is on hands and knees with knees spread about 6-9". He keeps his face looking forward and slowly looks way up at the ceiling and then very slowly (count to 8 from looking up to down - hold 3 counts at the top and the bottom) all the way down between his legs. The eyes should look in a straight line down and up as the head moves only as much as is needed. Looking at and following the trim on a door frame might help. Do this four times SLOWLY. 

2. Rocking on hands and knees is done four times forward and back. It should be done very slowly—four times is enough. This is the movement a baby makes to counteract the symmetrical tonic neck reflex. The function of this reflex is to train the eyes from near vision to far point vision.