Teacher Instructions Week 14

Early Learning Foundations 2

Auditory Digit Span 

Purpose: To develop auditory processing ability to improve short-term memory, attention span, ability to follow directions, phonics and maturity.

Please refer to handouts for more information.

Note frequency on INP. Keep high intensity. Start at one number above where client tested on ADS score.

  • Watch the video clips for introduction, demonstration and bridging.

  • Call out numbers using a monotone voice.

  • Say, "thousand" to yourself in between each number.

  • First goal is to get it right on the third try, then over time by the second, then first try.

  • Reinforce with incentives.

Note: It is very difficult to move to the next level so encourage client to get it right on the third try. The neurological benefit is in the attempt. If the client gets it wrong, that is okay because we are pushing them to the next level. The benefit to the brain is in attempting to remember, not getting it correct.

Visual Digit Span 

Purpose: Improves visual processing (visual short term memory).


  • 100+ Digit Span cards at a level above where client tested

  • Kitchen timer

  • See handouts for additional information


  • Do not say anything during this activity because it is a VISUAL activity.

  • Hold a card up for three seconds and then hide the numbers.

  • Client tells you the numbers in order.

  • It may take two or three tries to get the order correct.

  • Show the same card again for a three second exposure and take it away from view.

  • Once client tells you all the numbers in the correct order then go on to the next card.

  • If client has difficulty, then have a reward system in place for incentive.

  • If client cannot say the correct order after three tries, then simply go on to the next card.

  • Encourage client!